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Walker Park Creative

Imagine living and working in a tropical rain forest, with the rainbow colors of amazing plants and flowers surrounding you. Welcome to Walker Park, my home, and the deep inspiration for my art. This is a place of wild beauty and intense volcanic energy. Being here is being open to the life force of the land, a constant and relentless pulsing and awakening of creativity. 

Striving to bring this essence of nature into form through my art is the main goal of Walker Park Creative. Connecting the influences from the wild into the shapes and designs of an object of everyday beauty is a challenge and a joy!  Walker Park Creative is my place of business where all my artistic endeavors and explorations come alive. It is a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and most definitely a place where life, art and magic converge into everyday beauty full!


Terry J Walker

I had the extraordinary good fortune to grow up in Hawaii. My "small-kid days" grew the deep roots of my love for the islands, nature and the ocean, all of which inspire and inform the artist I am today.

My first love is painting. I have an off-beat abstract realism thing going on. I also love drawing little posters with inspirational sayings and quotes...and a little bit of sarcasm. Creating surface pattern designs for fabric, and sewing things out of my own fabric--it's a dream I've had since I learned to sew as a kid.

My art centers around two things. The first is the tropical vibe of my work. I paint the plants and flowers I see all around my island home and try to capture that feeling and beauty. The second is an awesome respect for the energy and intensity of this place. All the art I make, whether it is a painting, a poster, or a fabric design holds some of that mana. I feel honored to be able to live here and create art. 

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